Bekka Palmer

 Photo by Brian Chu

Photo by Brian Chu

I spent my childhood alternating between sitting on the floor of my mom's sewing room and helping my dad in his wood shop. I watched them with a careful eye and picked up their incredible attention to detail. Now, I'm a photographer, designer and maker living in Brooklyn.

I am available for commercial and lifestyle photography in New York City and around the world. I work on a wide range of projects from social media campaigns to product photography to portraits.

In addition to photography I paint, make necklaces and baskets and continually test out new mediums and tackle side projects. I keep up my blog pretty regularly. It's full of musings about New York, getting away and life as an adult (which can be pretty tough). My favorite blog post I have ever written is my Rules for Wandering.

I can be reached at

A short video by Brian Chu showing my process for making necklaces and other textile goods.