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Things you should read this week

Bekka Palmer
photo by Bekka Palmer

If you don't already keep up with Shoko's blog, it's a must read. She recently came back from a hiatus and wrote a POV post, a series I can't recommend strongly enough.


I read this quote from Corita Kent on Austin Kleon's blog, and it resonated with me:

I moved to this place in October and the tree was in full leaf then. I watched it lose its leaves. I watched it covered with snow. Then these little green flowers came out and it didn’t look like a maple tree at all. Finally the leaves were recognizable as maple leaves and that in a way is very much how I feel about my life. It seems a great new stage for me – whether it will ever be recognizable by anyone else I don’t know, but I feel that great new things are happening very quietly inside of me. And I know these things have a way, like the maple tree, of finally bursting out in some form.