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Battle Inbox: How to get through your inbox without going crazy.

Yesterday, I was tweeting with Will from Bright Bazaar and he said his inbox is exhausting him. I told him I had a new ruthless way of clearing my inbox and only keeping things that really need my attention. I shared my method with him, but wanted to share it with all of you as well, since I know email organization can be daunting. 

I used to try to keep everything in nice categorized folders, but guess what? They were too complicated and I never used them, so I changed my ways. I made a single folder called “DONE” and when I’m done responding to an email it goes in there. If it doesn’t need a response it goes in there. We are lucky we live in an age where the search function can find any email we need later, but for now, if you don’t need to look at it in your inbox, then don’t.

If you have a better way, leave a comment! I am always open to new suggestions to tackle this modern foe.