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grace coddington

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I watched The September Issue last night. All in all, amazing! What a look into the real life of Anna Wintour, I love that they asked her about her family’s take on her career and captured her daughter in their home life. It made her seem like a real person instead of just the goddess of Vogue.

Of course, I immediately fell in love with Grace Coddington. What a woman! She knows how to stand up for herself around the most intimidating woman in fashion, and she can tell a serious story with her styling skills. 

Grace’s best quote in the film: “You have to demand [what you believe in] otherwise you’ll be blamed when it goes wrong.”

// photos top row: grace coddington in her modeling years, bottom right: photograph styled by grace from a shoot for Vogue US september 2007, bottom left: the wedding party styled by grace from Vogue US June 2009, middle left: grace coddington in march 2010