Bekka Palmer

Bekka Palmer

In the middle of the extreme heat this weekend, some friends and I thought it would be a great idea to walk from Park Slope to Brooklyn Bridge Park and back. Of course, I rarely say no to a long walk, so along I went, even though it was 100+ degrees.

On our way back from the park, they said, “Let’s show her the street with the little doors.” My curiosity was piqued.

There is an entire block in Carroll Gardens, called Dennet Place where the doors are only 4 feet tall. My mind was pretty blown. Not only are the doors tiny, but they have tiny windows with tiny planters too.

Why? Who would make tiny doors for an entire row of houses? How have I missed this block on so many walks home?

I am not the only curious one. After spending ten minutes Googling the street, it seems that no one really knows why they are so small, but a few have found a few facts about the street.