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park slope

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pink door in park slope

So, I haven’t really introduced you to my new ‘hood yet. Welcome to Park Slope, or I should say South Slope. I live on the south edge of Park Slope, a neighborhood known most for its new-age parents. In the past few months I have come to know it as so much more (and luckily on the south side we don’t get too many of these people).

bikes in park slope

One of the most important things I was looking for in a neighborhood is great restaurants. In that department, I think Park Slope may be unmatched. I can eat any kind of food within walking distance and it’s usually affordable and delicious. 

green gates

It’s a pretty happy and safe place and I couldn’t be happier in this neighborhood. It’s home to my great gym, a bunch of my friends, two subway lines, good grocery stores and fun stores. I’m already eyeing multi-million dollar brownstones as future potential homes!

and old sign

// photos by Bekka Palmer