Bekka Palmer edition no. 2

Bekka PalmerComment

welcome to edition no. 2 of if you missed edition no. 1 see my post. we had seven people submit photos to the group this time!

my favorite is from lanalou style, and it definitely fits in my style of clean, light and fresh. take a peek at the flickr group for all the submissions and get ready for next month cause we are doing it again! oh and don’t forget to check out the compai blog for justina’s picks!

any participating bloggers can post your favorites on your own blogs. you can download the illustrations and logo from the flickr group. just be sure to link back here or to

just fyi, anyone can join, all we need is for you to sign up here. this is for beginning to pro stylists and photographers, even if you’ve never styled a photograph before this is the perfect way to get some practice with a few constraints {and a deadline}! don’t worry if you feel you don’t have great photo skills or an expensive camera, anything will do, just try it!

if you want to join in edition no. 3 here is what you need to know:

deadline: tuesday december 7
holiday objects: wrapped gift, a cookie, a calendar and something spherical (your choice) & remember you can use more than just those items so get creative with accessories if you want!

everyone did a great job on this edition, i can’t wait to see what you come up with next!