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san jan del sur

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San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua - February 2016.

I have been home for nearly two weeks and still can’t wrap my head around my experience in Nicaragua. The country was beautiful, the people were incredible and the beaches and waves were everything I dreamed of. A big part of me wants to sell all of my possessions in New York and move there. I am going to sit on that decision for a little bit longer, but in the meantime: things I learned in Nicaragua.

1. At some point, you have to face your fears.

2. There are a lot of parallels between the ocean and life. Some days it sucks, and some days it is amazing.

3. Surfing can change your life.

4. Put sunscreen on every hour.

5. Always look where you want to go.

6. Cook at home, it will taste better.

7. Work with your community, not against it.

// My trip was courtesy of Chicabrava, all thoughts and opinions are my own.