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a {special request} running shoe roundup…

Some people think that to be good for running, shoes have to be ugly, but that is not the case; you can find good looking + high quality running shoes! Usually I leave my run talk on my running blog, but these shoes were so colorful I had to share.

Generally speaking I advocate for minimalist running shoes, but if you are new to running, sometimes you need a little more support. Here are eight pairs of shoes I would wear and a little extra tip for each pair! I tried to find the best of both worlds, combining a great shoe with a cool look. Every runner is different though, so try on several pairs before deciding on one.

{1} Saucony Fastwich these are a great halfway to minimalist running shoes, not too much heel, not too little.
{2} ASICS Hyper-Rocketgirl a true racing flat, these are lightweight and provide minimal support.
{3} ASICS Hyper-Rocketgirl similar to No. 2, but the whole body of the shoe is made from mesh.
{4} Saucony Shay XC another racing flat, great for narrow feet (these are what I wear to interval training).
{5} Saucony Grid minimal racing flats, these are super lightweight and good for speed.
{6} Brooks Cascadia a trail running shoe with lots of support and extra traction (I have these for trail running).
{7} Brooks Mach 9 this is a minimalist shoe from Brooks, with a little more heel support than some of the racing flats.
{8} Puma Velosis this is the least minimal in the crowd, would work for a beginning runner or someone who walks a lot.