Bekka Palmer

three weeks in new york

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I’ve been in New York for about three weeks now and it has been crazy busy. Lots of good things happened though:

  • I got a job working for Swiss Miss (Tina) at
  • I broke my blog (if you didn’t notice last week) and then Chris fixed it for me (lifesaver!!).
  • I get to eat lunch with the amazingness that is Studiomates every day.
  • Everyday I get to see my sister + bro-in-law + nieces (that would be the tiny ladybug above that tried to follow me to work today)!!
  • I hang out in DUMBO all day.
  • Tested out CrossFit DUMBO.
  • I helped out Bri + Angela with BLOGSHOP & met lots of fun ladies there.

New York, so far, so good. Now to find a room to rent in Brooklyn (if you know of one, let me know).