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Photo by  Paul Nicklen

Photo by Paul Nicklen

I woke up in the middle of the night last night in a panic. For the first time in a long time my anxiety wasn't about my financial situation, but about the state of the world. I kept seeing this image of a starving polar bear. It's hard to get a grasp on global climate change, it's such a massive idea, and we don't always get images that allow us to relate to it, but the bear is sticking in a lot of people's minds.

Last week I listened to an interview with M. Sanjayan (links to iTunes podcasts). I've been working hard on reducing my footprint over the past year and M. said this, "Don't let perfection keep you out of the game... If you want to make some small changes in your life, what you eat and how you cook it makes a huge difference. It's probably the one thing that you could do. How you cook and how you waste food. Wasting food is a big big deal." The energy output to produce, distribute and cook the food you eat outweighs even the kind of car you drive.

I thought about this last night, how the over production and wasting of food especially in our country, is literally causing polar bears to starve to death.

I was waiting to write here again for that silver bullet, the one thing that I could think of that everyone would and could do to save the planet, but there is no such thing. So I am back, hopefully often, to present the tidbits I find here and there and the ideas I come up with to make a difference.