Bekka Palmer


WritingBekka Palmer

If change were easy, everyone would do it.

If change were fun, everyone would do it.

If change brought only pleasure, everyone would do it.

Shifting, transmuting, cycling through growth is not easy or fun and is rarely pleasurable. I still feel called to try. Something is at the end of the cycle calling my name and I walk towards it. Eggs, cocoons, pollination are all symbols of that messy middle part. This is the least comfortable stage for me and it feels like molasses.

This is the part where I question even trying, think about giving up. I see only the step that’s right in front of me and take it.

Step. Step. Step.

When I remember to look up I see I the butterflies, the bees, the ravens and the fish at sea. They remind me that the cycle will continue.

The Moon will make her rotation around the Earth, the Earth around the Sun and I too will make my way around the circle once more.

Then, begin again.