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gosh i love photobooths

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The recent emergence of digital photobooths makes me seriously happy. Being in a photobooth is ten times more fun than taking cheesy posed shots at parties. I have been to quite a few events in the past few weeks with booths and I just can’t get enough. As you can see above, it’s extra fun to try to fit tons of people in the shot and see what happens. Photobooths might just be the best things since sliced bread.

// above photos taken with The Bosco, but I also love Shootbooth and my personal favorite is Smilebooth. Friends pictured above include Dave, Jonnie, Larry, Kelli, Mary, Jen, Jessi and Jonny (basically a powerhouse of designers, illustrators, developers and fun-makers that I am so happy to have met since I moved to New York a year ago)