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notebooks abound

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I am a little completely obsessed with notebooks. I usually have at least 2 in my purse and a few sitting on my desk. Don’t ask me how I keep track of what’s in which notebook since I use so many simultaneously. Anyways, here’s a few of my favorite notebooks.

notebook round up part 1
mini notebooks for your pocket or purse
1 {seasons notebook set by bailey doesn’t bark}
2 {bright booklet set by orange beautiful}
3 {geek books by erinzam}
4 {dip dyed journals from anthropologie}

notebook roundup part 3
1 {diamond & stripe noted from present & correct}
2 {legendary notebook by archie grand}
3 {nature exploration stones notebook by oh joy}
4 {pinwheel notebook by oh joy}
5 {nautical journal by minimega}

notebook roundup part 2
1 {freelancer notepad by holiday matinee}
2 {action method by behance network} if you are a creative and you haven’t tried the action method yet, i suggest you jump over there to see how you can maximize your time and make ideas happen
3 {rhombes by minimega}
4 {all weather outdoor journal by rite-in-the-rain} these notebooks are too cool, they have a coated paper that allows them to get wet and you can even write on them when they are wet
5 {striped spectrum journal from anthropologie}

notebook roundup part 5
this set is especially cool, the notebooks link together to make one big notebook.
1 {complete set by start here}
2 {lined linkable by start here}

notebook roundup part 4
1 {arctop by lq} comes with a pen which fits into the spine for easy transport
2 {geometry jotter by present & correct}
3 {notebook case for moleskine by chikabird & randL}
4 {original thoughts juicebox journal by andy pratt design}
5 {childrens exercise book by present & correct}