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shopping in paris

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paris map

I didn’t come all the way to Paris just to shop at American stores. With a little internet sleuthing and the help of this map, I found some amazing places to get some true souvenirs, available only here.

off the grid shopping in paris

  • E. Dehillerin {industrial catering supplies, many specific to french cuisine} 18 rue Coquillière
  • La Drogerie {trimmings and such, a crafters heaven} 9 rue du Jour
  • Bánh-mì {the owner is a sweet lady who will tell you she makes the best báhn-mì in the world, and it’s probably true} 7 rue Volta
  • BHV {a French department store that has literally everything} 55 rue de la Verrerie
  • Melodies Graphiques {a stationery and calligraphy store with fancy papers, pens and ephemera} 10 rue du Pont Louise-Philippe

My mom and I walked from our hotel to all of these shops (see my map). The full loop took several hours at a leisurely pace, but I came back with major goodies and got a walking tour of the third and fourth arrondissements.

paris from the river