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superior sonicare the well designed toothbrush

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my sonicare toothbrush has quickly become my favorite everyday object. my old toothbrush was invisible to me.. i never really noticed it even though i used it multiple times each day. this toothbrush is design genius. i went out of town for a few days and brought a regular toothbrush because i didn’t want to carry the charger.. that was a huge mistake. i didn’t appreciate the amazing features until i recognized their absence. the philips sonicare does some amazing things:

  • it gives an extra buzz every 30 seconds so you know to move to a new section of your mouth, but it’s not an obtrusive beep, it’s not even really a noise, you just feel it and know
  • the charging station is futuristic. there are no metal prongs to match up, it’s just a touch-based charging system, all you have to do is set the toothbrush down
  • the head is easy to remove.. and easy to clean

i just can’t get enough of this toothbrush.. all in all i would say this is one of my top 3 favorite tech gadgets in my home (next to the iPhone and MacPro).

oh and you can purchase on amazon!

photos by minted condition