Bekka Palmer

an unconventional tree

Bekka PalmerComment

I found this tree in the ikea holiday catalog and immediately thought it would be a good fit for my gold & silver themed holidays. Overall, I’m quite pleased with my purchase, although there was a major design flaw that I had to address while I was decorating.

The little notches they created to hold each ornament in place were just a little too little. The tiniest bump would send all of the ornaments in a downward spiral to the bottom of the tree. Very frustrating. So, I whipped out the glue gun and put a dot of glue next to each notch to prevent the ornament from sliding. You can’t even see my solution in the images, which is precisely what I was going for.

If you decide to purchase this tree, just know it’s $9.99 plus a stick of glue gun glue, don’t even start adding ornaments until you fix those notches.

On a happier note I am ecstatic about the way my spray painted gold dinosaur ornaments turned out, they are a great addition to my gold glitter and silver ball ornaments this year.

Here’s to decorating for Christmas a few weeks early!